Alexandra & Andrew Jacoby: January 2nd, 2016

Alex and Andrew are such an amazing couple. Alex and I have been best friends for years, after high school. She is extremely bright, witty and so much fun to be around. Her husband Andrew is in the Navy and while he was stationed in Hawaii, Alex had planned their entire wedding in mere months.

It was an obvious cold day, but Alex and Andrew's love warmed up the day in its entirety. They both got ready at Alex's grandmothers' home and the two shared their "first look" there, as well. Both of their faces were priceless upon seeing one another for the first time, like I always say in my blogs, those are the moments I live for. To capture their "forever" in a photograph, it's elating.

I will never forget the sky on Alex and Andrew's day. It was the perfect hue of pinks and blues, they really couldn't get any luckier as far as beautiful days were concerned. The sky that surrounded them and their intimate, romantic ceremony was perfection.

Alex and Andrew's ceremony and reception were held with their closest family and friends present at a lovely location called Seabra's Armory in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Alex's dress was stunning, a Lazaro gown, it hugged her beautifully and the fur shrug was the perfect added winter touch. Her hair and makeup held a very old Hollywood look that complimented both her down and Andrew's uniform. It truly felt like the two of them were in a film, they were breathtaking.

There reception was just as lovely and classic. An adorable cupcake tower, friends and family dancing the night away, a candy car and a beautiful "In Memoriam" table for their loved ones who could not be present for their special day. Every bit of detail was just as intimate and romantic as the wedding itself. Just as romantic as their love, as intimate as their relationship.

I really did enjoy photographing Alex and Andrew's wedding, not only because of how amazing their wedding was, but because of the history I have with Alex. To witness your friendship grow, your friend grow, your friend get married and to have the honor of capturing all of that from behind a lens; makes my heart grow.

Here's to forever Alexandra & Andrew,

Meghan Leigh

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Venue: Seabra's Armory

Bride's gown: Lazaro


Victoria & Darin Simon: August 22nd, 2015

Tori and I attended Antonelli Institute together. We were best friends, so to photograph her wedding was an honor, to be asked to document her day meant everything to me. Tori and Darin met while they both worked together and their chemistry was undeniable. Tori has an illuminated personality. She is artistic, creative, yet private. She was the first one to befriend me at Antonelli and it made my college experience that much better. Darin, her now husband, has so much love for Tori. It's as if they are on the exact same level as the other. Complimented, endearing, simply sweet. 

I believe I've said this before, I do love an intimate wedding. I love how a small party can generate an abundance of loving energy. Tori and Darin's wedding did just that. From the intricate details of their reception, to the casual environment, Tori and Darin best showed their love, not only to one another, but to their friends and family in a creative, private way.

There was a relaxed feeling throughout Tori and Darin's day. Nothing seemed uptight, stressed or strained. Everything flowed, everything was whimsical, everything was organic. Their bridal party was fun spirited and you could tell they all shared a bond and an immense love for one another.  There was a definite family unit present. You could see that Tori and Darin's family ran deeper than just their relatives and it was beautiful.


Tori and Darin's wedding was held in Darin's father's backyard, under a huge tent and it was breathtaking. It was breathtaking just like their first kiss and it was as breathtaking as their first dance as husband and wife. There was nothing less than intense care, admiration and respect between Tori and Darin. Again, I will say, it was an honor to photograph their wedding.

Here's to forever, Tori and Darin-

Meghan Leigh



Stacie & Chris Clune: May 9th, 2015

I hold Stacie and Chris near and dear to my heart. Their wedding was held at the Greenbriar Oceanaire Country Club in Waretown, New Jersey on a gorgeous day and the energy permeated through every minute and every guest. Their wedding day was a day before my birthday and I will never forget Stacie giving me a birthday card. Moments like that, make certain shoots I've done, more memorable. 

Stacie's personality cannot be matched; she's hysterical, spunky, electric and yet, Chris matches her perfectly. The relationship they have, not only with one another, but with their bridal party was so vibrant, so apparent. Every where I turned, every where I pointed my camera, there was a smile to be captured, a laugh to be heard and comment to smirk at.

The style of the wedding was crisp, light and beautifully detailed. Stacie's dress was a traditional cut with a contemporary flare that paired perfectly with her bridesmaids, groomsmen and obviously her groom. I will never forget how Stacie's hair accessory caught the natural light every time she turned her head, how a simple style could captivate so perfectly. 

Stacie and Chris had written letters to each other on their wedding day and I do have to say, watching them intently read word by word was simply adorable. It was as if no one was in the room with them. Everything seemed to just disappear. And I captured it. I was so thrilled to have captured it. 

In my blogs, I always talk about moments, I talk about details, simplicity, stunning personalities. But these are the things that make the experience, an experience, for me. Each wedding sets itself apart from the next one, not because one is better than the next or more extravagant than the next, but because you feel the energy. Stacie and Chris' energy was undeniable, unavoidable...detailed, stunning, simplistic.

Here's to forever, Stacie & Chris-

Meghan Leigh 

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Venue:  Greenbriar Oceanaire Golf & Country Club in Waretown, New Jersey