Double Trouble State Park Maternity Photographer| Bayville, NJ


I had photographed Ashley's wedding last April (Read about Ashley & Angelo's wedding day here!)-when I found out that Ashley was expecting, I HAD to be the one to help her capture her beautiful bump!


I absolutely love to use Double Trouble State Park in Bayville, NJ as one of my go-to spots for location sessions. It's the best of both worlds, really. I have the water and the beautiful New Jersey woods and no matter what the occasion, my clients are so pleased with how beautiful the background is.

Ashley's maternity dress was perfect! I've noticed that I've become slowly obsessed with maternity dresses specifically made for shoots, just as this because the material and colors used make every mother-to-be a maternal chic Earth Goddess and it photographs perfectly.


Ashley has always been sweet and bubbly, ever since the day I met her. Through our first consultation, to her wedding day and now with her maternity session. I just know how much of an incredible mother she's going to be. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of yet another special day for you, Ashley.

-Meghan Leigh


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Location: Double Trouble State Park

Dress: Sew Trendy Accessories

Hair & Make Up: MUA Dream Team Lindsey Herring

Engagement Session: Ashley & Bryan

This couple, right here; Ashley and Bryan-were too sweet for words. Bryan is in the Coast Guard and he had to go back to Virginia for a couple of weeks the very day of the engagement session, so Ashley found me and we put together a last minute shoot, that was the absolute cutest.

The session took place at the Manasquan inlet which is THE place to have amazing sessions, if you're a lover of the Jersey Shore. When I was driving to the location, I was wondering if Bryan would be wearing his uniform, and he was! I was so excited.

During the shoot, Bryan had contacted his fellow Coast Guard buddies to see if they could bring the Coast Guard boat around so we can get it in a few photographs, and they did! It was amazing to see his friends come together and support this session. It gave me butterflies and the boat looked amazing in the background.

Ashley and Bryan had a sweet sense of humor. They were always giggling and making jokes and kissing one another. It really made them relaxed during the shoot, because it can feel awkward for a photographer to tell you to be natural and you wind up questioning how natural you look. Haha.

Ashley and Bryan are definitely a beautifully happy couple. They have so much adoration for one another and you can see it when they look at one another. There is a simple happiness, a friendship, an organic love.

Here's to forever, Ashley & Bryan-

Meghan Leigh

Lobster Shanty Wedding Photographer | Point Pleasant, NJ

I have to say, Jessyca and Tom were one of the funnest couples I've shot in awhile! The weekend of the 30th not only brought eternal love for Jessyca and Tom, but also...a tropical storm. Something a lot of photographers dread and panic over, but with Jessyca and Tom; it bothered them not one bit. No gust of wind, lightening striking or torrential rain was going to stop this couple from having the time of their life!

I absolutely loved Jessyca and Tom's bridal party. High energy, hysterical and ready for anything. You could tell they were surrounded by amazing people and the amazingness would only grow by these two families uniting.

Jessyca and Tom were married in a beautiful church, Saint Peter's in Point Pleasant Beach and their reception was held at The Lobster Shanty-which is a lovely location to photograph. The church was breathtaking and the ceremony was beautifully presented. 

When it was time to celebrate, not one person held back. Once the party started, it felt like it was never going to end...and I LOVED it. Jessyca, Tom, their friend and families definitely know how to have a good time. Some people dance at weddings, but they all took it to a whole other level! Definitely one for the books.

Jessyca and Tom are a timeless couple. A couple who are connected by not only love, but fun and energy. You can tell that they're best friends, not just husband and wife. I had one of the best times photographing their wedding. I will definitely not ever forget these two!

Here's to forever, Jessyca & Tom-

Meghan Leigh

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Venue: Lobster Shanty http://www.pointpleasantlobstershanty.com/

Dress: Davids Bridal www.davidsbridal.com

Cake: Mueller's Bakery www.muellersbakery.com/

Make Up: Make Me Up Evawww.makemeupeva.com/

Flowers: Tye the Knot with Flowers https://www.tyetheknotwithflowers.com/

Engagement Session: Cathleen & Jonathan

Photographing Cathleen and her fiance, Jonathan, was such a beautiful experience. They are so in love and silly and sweet with one another, it made the shoot go by so quickly. What I loved most about Cathleen and Jon's session was the fact that they took you on a story. Each location we shot at, had a meaning, it was part of their journey and they got a chance to relive every monumental part of their relationship so far.

Where They Met

Where They Met

Cathleen met her future husband at Ocean County College-he works security and she worked at the coffee kiosk. The day he came in to talk to her, she was reading her favorite book, Jane Eyre. I loved being apart of this and hearing about how they first met!

Where They Had Their First Date

Where They Had Their First Date

Cathleen and Jon's first date was at Starbucks. I loved photographing here because it was so intimate-they were sitting at the same table as their first date, which was perfect! Cathleen's best friend wrote "bride" and "groom" on reusable Starbucks cups, which is the perfect memento for their session. It was really cute the way Cathleen used her scarf to kiss Jonathan...

Where He Proposed

Where He Proposed

Jonathan proposed to Cathleen in Island Heights, at the end of the dock, one late night. I was so happy to recreate this for them, so they would have photos to look back on (in the daylight!) where they first got engaged.

Let's Talk About the Cake

Let's Talk About the Cake

For the shoot, Cathleen made this cake (a hobby of hers) and used real roses to decorate it. I will not lie and tell you that we all didn't eat a slice once the photo shoot was done. It was delicious, by the way! I loved that Cathleen and Jon matched, unintentionally and I thought it was so sweet watching them interact and giggle with one another.

Here's to forever, Cathleen & Jonathan-

Meghan Leigh

600 Main Street Boudoir: Krystal

Photographing, my high school Krystal, was so much fun! I was so excited when she contacted me for a boudoir session. Krystal wanted to be photographed, for her husband, for a Christmas present. What's even more amazing is that she couldn't wait until Christmas, so she gave them to her husband already!

Krystal is a mother of two, so it was great to see her get glammed up, let her hair down, be pampered and have fun for a few hours! The location was at one of my favorite boudoir session spots: 600 Main Bed & Breakfast in downtown Toms River. Every room is stunning-with antique furniture and vintage bathrooms and accents. The natural light is perfect for boudoir sessions; whimsical and romantic.

Here's to confidence and beauty-

Meghan Leigh


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Location: 600 Main St www.600mainnj.com

Hair & Make Up: Perfect Bridals By Christina www.perfectbridalsbychristina.com

Lingerie: Victoria's Secret www.victoriassecret.com & Adore Me www.adoreme.com

Victoria & Darin Simon: August 22nd, 2015

Tori and I attended Antonelli Institute together. We were best friends, so to photograph her wedding was an honor, to be asked to document her day meant everything to me. Tori and Darin met while they both worked together and their chemistry was undeniable. Tori has an illuminated personality. She is artistic, creative, yet private. She was the first one to befriend me at Antonelli and it made my college experience that much better. Darin, her now husband, has so much love for Tori. It's as if they are on the exact same level as the other. Complimented, endearing, simply sweet. 

I believe I've said this before, I do love an intimate wedding. I love how a small party can generate an abundance of loving energy. Tori and Darin's wedding did just that. From the intricate details of their reception, to the casual environment, Tori and Darin best showed their love, not only to one another, but to their friends and family in a creative, private way.

There was a relaxed feeling throughout Tori and Darin's day. Nothing seemed uptight, stressed or strained. Everything flowed, everything was whimsical, everything was organic. Their bridal party was fun spirited and you could tell they all shared a bond and an immense love for one another.  There was a definite family unit present. You could see that Tori and Darin's family ran deeper than just their relatives and it was beautiful.


Tori and Darin's wedding was held in Darin's father's backyard, under a huge tent and it was breathtaking. It was breathtaking just like their first kiss and it was as breathtaking as their first dance as husband and wife. There was nothing less than intense care, admiration and respect between Tori and Darin. Again, I will say, it was an honor to photograph their wedding.

Here's to forever, Tori and Darin-

Meghan Leigh



Lindsay & Weston Kandrick: September 19th, 2015

Lindsay and Weston's wedding had an interesting beginning, but the sweetest ending.

I was contacted the day before their wedding and they were understandably frantic because their original photographer had gotten into a car accident and was in the hospital. Lindsay and Weston were left with no photographer and in obvious need of one. 

Lindsay and Weston's nuptials were held at the Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA. It was a gorgeous day; I love photographing outdoors. Especially this particular day, there were beautiful clouds in the sky, the weather was perfect, the vast land and gorgeous backgrounds the Gold Club offered was breathtaking.  

Their wedding decor was darling. It was simple and sweet, Lindsay and Weston's love illuminated every arrangement, every sign, every place setting. Their style was classic, laid-back, inviting.

What I loved the most about Lindsay and Weston was their total love, strong faith and belief in one another. There was an immediate energy I felt when I was in their presence and also in the presence of their families. It was definitely something to look up to. I feel it was something all of us should look up to.

The photo above has got to be one of my favorite photos from their day. Lindsay is photographed resting her head on Weston's shoulder as they both recited a prayer to bless their marriage. It was probably one of the most humbling of moments to witness. In that moment, it was clear, it wasn't about the reception or the dress, the gifts or suits. It was about Lindsay and Weston. It was about the devotion of the rest of their lives together. It was about their love. It was about nothing else.

I love personal family and friend(s) touches to a couple's ceremony or reception. It displays a union, not only between the couple getting married,  but between two families, two sets of friends. Lindsay and Weston's wedding cake was baked and decorated by Lindsay's grandmother. Their favors and decor had cute humor intertwined throughout that best showed everyone who Lindsay and Weston truly are, separately, but especially together.  

Sometimes, a lot of us forget the elegance of simplicity and minimalism. This does not mean that simplicity and minimalism is boring, to me, it means: fresh, open, complete, focused. Lindsay and Weston's wedding was elegant and simple. The perfect pairing of detail orientated and minimalist tone. Lindsay and Weston will always have a place in my heart. They truly mean a lot to me, I love them both.

Here's to forever, Lindsay and Weston-

Meghan Leigh


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Venue: Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA.