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Annie & Javier Morales: October 10th, 2015

Annie & Javier. These two are a match made in heaven. Now...Annie & Javier hadn't started dating right away, but...what they have now was right in front of them all along. They were best friends for 8 YEARS before they started dating. Since then, they have been inseparable. They balance each other out perfectly. It's a relationship to truly look up to. Their wedding was a beautiful autumn themed, DIY wedding. Annie had every detail planned, and she did not miss a thing!

Annie had gotten sick before her wedding day - pneumonia! Can I just say that Annie is the strongest woman I've had the pleasure of meeting? If she hadn't told me she was sick, I would have never known! She has a bubbly, fun, out-going personality. I felt like I had known her forever, and surprisingly - her wedding day was the first day we had actually met! We became friends from that moment!

Just how meticulous was Annie in planning her and Javier's big day? How can someone cover up pneumonia? Let me show you. Annie was GLOWING!


Even the guys looked awesome! I mean, check out those cuff links! Seriously!? I love when thought gets put into details like cuff links, it isn't something that gets thought about often. When it does, though....Really awesome things can occur. IE: Superhero cuff links on a wedding day.

Now on to the ceremony & reception...

Annie & Javier chose to have their wedding at the beautiful Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough, New Jersey.

For their First Look, I drove Annie in a golf cart (my first time driving one ;]) to a bridge where she and Javier saw each other for the first time that day. It was a beautiful moment. I always love first looks. I'm so glad Annie trusted me driving her in her beautiful dress in a golf cart, it was not a short drive. =D Also check out that beautiful brooch bouquet Annie is holding. Another awesome DIY detail.

For the reception, it was held under a big, white tent. It was beautiful. Surrounded with colors of autumn. There was a cigar bar, a candy bar, two cakes!!!! (TWO!) Guests were dancing the night away. I won't ever forget Javier's face when he saw his Mario Groom's cake. It was seriously awesome, and such a thoughtful surprise! The amazing thought that Annie had put into this wedding, down to every last detail is something to admire. The little touches here and there, I could hardly keep up. Everytime I turned around I was noticing something else! She even had the cutest (I say cutest in the sense that this was really cute, considering I am one of those people that are terrified of creepy crawly things) spider brooch in her hair! Another fall Halloween element she added. She had personalized the wedding to make it completely her own, and she did it to make her and Javier happy. It was their day. That is something that everyone should admire. I know I do.


Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day, Annie & Javier! I could not have been more honored to photograph such an amazing event!


Vendor Details

Venue: Royce Brook Golf Club

Hair: Lake Nelson Beauty Shop

Wedding Dress *Black lace & belt added by Annie to customize*: Demetrios Bridal Salon

Men's Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse

Make-Up: Perfect Bridals By Christina

Stacie & Chris Clune: May 9th, 2015

I hold Stacie and Chris near and dear to my heart. Their wedding was held at the Greenbriar Oceanaire Country Club in Waretown, New Jersey on a gorgeous day and the energy permeated through every minute and every guest. Their wedding day was a day before my birthday and I will never forget Stacie giving me a birthday card. Moments like that, make certain shoots I've done, more memorable. 

Stacie's personality cannot be matched; she's hysterical, spunky, electric and yet, Chris matches her perfectly. The relationship they have, not only with one another, but with their bridal party was so vibrant, so apparent. Every where I turned, every where I pointed my camera, there was a smile to be captured, a laugh to be heard and comment to smirk at.

The style of the wedding was crisp, light and beautifully detailed. Stacie's dress was a traditional cut with a contemporary flare that paired perfectly with her bridesmaids, groomsmen and obviously her groom. I will never forget how Stacie's hair accessory caught the natural light every time she turned her head, how a simple style could captivate so perfectly. 

Stacie and Chris had written letters to each other on their wedding day and I do have to say, watching them intently read word by word was simply adorable. It was as if no one was in the room with them. Everything seemed to just disappear. And I captured it. I was so thrilled to have captured it. 

In my blogs, I always talk about moments, I talk about details, simplicity, stunning personalities. But these are the things that make the experience, an experience, for me. Each wedding sets itself apart from the next one, not because one is better than the next or more extravagant than the next, but because you feel the energy. Stacie and Chris' energy was undeniable, unavoidable...detailed, stunning, simplistic.

Here's to forever, Stacie & Chris-

Meghan Leigh 

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Venue:  Greenbriar Oceanaire Golf & Country Club in Waretown, New Jersey

Lindsay & Weston Kandrick: September 19th, 2015

Lindsay and Weston's wedding had an interesting beginning, but the sweetest ending.

I was contacted the day before their wedding and they were understandably frantic because their original photographer had gotten into a car accident and was in the hospital. Lindsay and Weston were left with no photographer and in obvious need of one. 

Lindsay and Weston's nuptials were held at the Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA. It was a gorgeous day; I love photographing outdoors. Especially this particular day, there were beautiful clouds in the sky, the weather was perfect, the vast land and gorgeous backgrounds the Gold Club offered was breathtaking.  

Their wedding decor was darling. It was simple and sweet, Lindsay and Weston's love illuminated every arrangement, every sign, every place setting. Their style was classic, laid-back, inviting.

What I loved the most about Lindsay and Weston was their total love, strong faith and belief in one another. There was an immediate energy I felt when I was in their presence and also in the presence of their families. It was definitely something to look up to. I feel it was something all of us should look up to.

The photo above has got to be one of my favorite photos from their day. Lindsay is photographed resting her head on Weston's shoulder as they both recited a prayer to bless their marriage. It was probably one of the most humbling of moments to witness. In that moment, it was clear, it wasn't about the reception or the dress, the gifts or suits. It was about Lindsay and Weston. It was about the devotion of the rest of their lives together. It was about their love. It was about nothing else.

I love personal family and friend(s) touches to a couple's ceremony or reception. It displays a union, not only between the couple getting married,  but between two families, two sets of friends. Lindsay and Weston's wedding cake was baked and decorated by Lindsay's grandmother. Their favors and decor had cute humor intertwined throughout that best showed everyone who Lindsay and Weston truly are, separately, but especially together.  

Sometimes, a lot of us forget the elegance of simplicity and minimalism. This does not mean that simplicity and minimalism is boring, to me, it means: fresh, open, complete, focused. Lindsay and Weston's wedding was elegant and simple. The perfect pairing of detail orientated and minimalist tone. Lindsay and Weston will always have a place in my heart. They truly mean a lot to me, I love them both.

Here's to forever, Lindsay and Weston-

Meghan Leigh


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Venue: Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA.