Ang & Chris Mini Couple Session: November 29th, 2015

Ang and Chris are just the sweetest couple. They hired me for a Mini Couple Session, just because; which I absolutely loved! I feel that couples only feel that they only should hire a photographer for their engagement and wedding, but that's not the case! Sometimes, you just want to have a little photo session for yourself to show off your love for one another and that is just as beautiful. And let me tell you something about Ang and Chris...they are so very much in love. There is a connection between the two of them, a bond, a shared adoration. They're the couple that are best friends, too. You can tell by their smiles, how they looked at one another, their body language. I loved photographing them.

We decided to have their couple shoot at Allaire State Park in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Allaire is a beautiful park, it was once a 19th century iron making town; so there are plenty of places to photograph. Historical homes, churches, etc. it has to be one of my favorite places in New Jersey to hold a photo shoot.

Ang, Chris and I got along instantly. As soon as we met our energies just clicked and it made for a wonderful day and shooting environment. As I photographed their love, we talked about Chris being in the U.S. Air Force and how they met. I still think back on this day and remember how much fun it was, how calm it was and how cute they were.

Every couple is different. Every couple has their own style, their own way of showing what they mean to each other, their own way of how they carry themselves. Ang and Chris have this warmth about them; individually and as a couple and I love to photograph such spirit. I truly hope I get to work with them again, one day.

Here's to forever Ang & Chris,

Meghan Leigh

Victoria & Darin Simon: August 22nd, 2015

Tori and I attended Antonelli Institute together. We were best friends, so to photograph her wedding was an honor, to be asked to document her day meant everything to me. Tori and Darin met while they both worked together and their chemistry was undeniable. Tori has an illuminated personality. She is artistic, creative, yet private. She was the first one to befriend me at Antonelli and it made my college experience that much better. Darin, her now husband, has so much love for Tori. It's as if they are on the exact same level as the other. Complimented, endearing, simply sweet. 

I believe I've said this before, I do love an intimate wedding. I love how a small party can generate an abundance of loving energy. Tori and Darin's wedding did just that. From the intricate details of their reception, to the casual environment, Tori and Darin best showed their love, not only to one another, but to their friends and family in a creative, private way.

There was a relaxed feeling throughout Tori and Darin's day. Nothing seemed uptight, stressed or strained. Everything flowed, everything was whimsical, everything was organic. Their bridal party was fun spirited and you could tell they all shared a bond and an immense love for one another.  There was a definite family unit present. You could see that Tori and Darin's family ran deeper than just their relatives and it was beautiful.


Tori and Darin's wedding was held in Darin's father's backyard, under a huge tent and it was breathtaking. It was breathtaking just like their first kiss and it was as breathtaking as their first dance as husband and wife. There was nothing less than intense care, admiration and respect between Tori and Darin. Again, I will say, it was an honor to photograph their wedding.

Here's to forever, Tori and Darin-

Meghan Leigh



Lindsay & Weston Kandrick: September 19th, 2015

Lindsay and Weston's wedding had an interesting beginning, but the sweetest ending.

I was contacted the day before their wedding and they were understandably frantic because their original photographer had gotten into a car accident and was in the hospital. Lindsay and Weston were left with no photographer and in obvious need of one. 

Lindsay and Weston's nuptials were held at the Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA. It was a gorgeous day; I love photographing outdoors. Especially this particular day, there were beautiful clouds in the sky, the weather was perfect, the vast land and gorgeous backgrounds the Gold Club offered was breathtaking.  

Their wedding decor was darling. It was simple and sweet, Lindsay and Weston's love illuminated every arrangement, every sign, every place setting. Their style was classic, laid-back, inviting.

What I loved the most about Lindsay and Weston was their total love, strong faith and belief in one another. There was an immediate energy I felt when I was in their presence and also in the presence of their families. It was definitely something to look up to. I feel it was something all of us should look up to.

The photo above has got to be one of my favorite photos from their day. Lindsay is photographed resting her head on Weston's shoulder as they both recited a prayer to bless their marriage. It was probably one of the most humbling of moments to witness. In that moment, it was clear, it wasn't about the reception or the dress, the gifts or suits. It was about Lindsay and Weston. It was about the devotion of the rest of their lives together. It was about their love. It was about nothing else.

I love personal family and friend(s) touches to a couple's ceremony or reception. It displays a union, not only between the couple getting married,  but between two families, two sets of friends. Lindsay and Weston's wedding cake was baked and decorated by Lindsay's grandmother. Their favors and decor had cute humor intertwined throughout that best showed everyone who Lindsay and Weston truly are, separately, but especially together.  

Sometimes, a lot of us forget the elegance of simplicity and minimalism. This does not mean that simplicity and minimalism is boring, to me, it means: fresh, open, complete, focused. Lindsay and Weston's wedding was elegant and simple. The perfect pairing of detail orientated and minimalist tone. Lindsay and Weston will always have a place in my heart. They truly mean a lot to me, I love them both.

Here's to forever, Lindsay and Weston-

Meghan Leigh


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Venue: Chester Valley Golf Club in Malvern, PA.


Jackie & Phil Jackson: May 29th, 2015.

Jackie and Phil Jackson's wedding was definitely an event to be remembered and photographed. I was referred to them by their friends, Stacie and Chris, whom I had photographed for their own wedding a couple of weeks prior. 

Jackie and Phil are the type of couple you know have fun. Jackie's personality is beyond a delight; colorful, warm, inviting and her husband, Phil, is the perfect compliment to such a glowing personality. 


Their immaculately detailed wedding was held at one of my favorite venues, The Versailles Ballroom at The Ramada in Toms River, New Jersey. The Versailles Ballroom is always a pleasure to work with because every person that is involved in the planning and set up of an event sees to it that it's perfect. The Versailles Ballroom was the ideal venue for a wedding like Jackie and Phil's. I was elated to be photographing there and just as elated capturing the beautiful moments of Jackie and Phil's day.


I love photographing pieces that complete the wedding's aura. The dress, the suits, the color palette, floral arrangements and so on and so forth. Jackie's wedding dress was a great combination of both classic and modern style. A pale pink Mermaid styled dress that fit her exquisitely went beautifully with her golden Badgley Mischka stilettos and pale pink and ivory bouquet of Peonies. Her bridal ladies donned crisp, clean lined floor length dresses in Ivory and the groom and his gentlemen looked wonderful in relaxed, yet timeless neutral suits.

The bridal party was just as fun and outgoing as the newly married couple, themselves. The entire day and evening I felt, as though, I was apart of the actual wedding, not just shooting it. I was embraced, like I was family and it added even more to the day for me. 


Jackie and Phil's wedding was the first of my weddings, that I've photographed, in an elaborate sizable ceremony and reception. But the elaborate nature didn't once take away from the intimate and romantic energy that surrounded Jackie and Phil, that day. Everything was perfect, everything was beautiful, everything was captured just right. 

Here's to forever, Jackie and Phil-

Meghan Leigh 

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Venue: The Versailles Ballroom at The Ramada; Toms River, NJ

Make Up Artist: Cupid's Glow, Point Pleasant, NJ

Hair: Tracy Thompson of The Style Lounge, Toms River, NJ