Hey there! I'm Andrea.

I am a lover of wine, hedgehogs, fishing, schnauzers, the beach and certainly photography. I live right off the Main Line in Suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but also spend any of my free time at Brigantine, New Jersey.

I pride myself in being one of your biggest fans and part of your support for your wedding day! My style is vibrant, bright, and genuine. I love to capture those candid moments but also incorporate formal images as well. There has not been a wedding I did not at least shed a tear during! I sincerely love being able to connect with each couple and love hearing everyone's unique love story!

Weddings with Andrea start at $3150. Interested in working with Andrea? Click here to contact us for more information!



HI!  I'm Jeni!

A little bit quirky, totally nerdy, and never the same hair color from one month to the next. I think flip flops are the best footwear, traveling is good for the soul and the Starbucks' pink drink is the way to my heart.

I've been a photographer for over ten years, and I have dedicated the last five years to weddings.  I believe that love is so powerful and important and your wedding deserves to be honored and captured for the personal, emotional day that it is.  I live for the small candid moments and the beautiful works of art they become.

If I'm not behind the camera I'm usually spending time with my two shih tzus or traveling with my friends.

Weddings with Jeni start at $3150. Interested in working with Jeni? Click here to contact us for more information!



Hi, I’m Bonnie!

I like to think I am funny and cute but really, I think I’m just goofy and talk too much. My photography career was something I sort of fell into after buying my dSLR. Now I am seven years into my business with over a hundred weddings under my belt. But even before it was a career, I have always viewed my world through a camera; whether it be my own when photographing my children and friend’s weddings from my view in the guest pew or pouring over the boxes and boxes of photos from my own childhood. I have always understood and valued the power of memories when captured in a photo.

I pride myself on how easy I am to work with. I am not one of those wedding photographers who feels my art is more important than your experience. I want my part of your day to be as much a great memory as the memories I capture on your behalf. Therefore, on your wedding day, you’ll see me smiling at you, and laughing with your bridesmaids, and dancing alongside your fiance’s grandmother. I will enjoy myself just as much as you will pretend to enjoy yourself (because let’s be honest, no one actually enjoys their wedding day when it’s actually happening). You have ten hours to cram in a lifetime’s worth of memories-it’s stressful! What, no one told you that? Oh girl, I have lots of fun wisdom to share!

But when it’s all done, you will have all the photos to remind you of how great, and romantic, and funny, and sweet, and emotional, and PERFECT your day was because that is what I love to do for people. Plus, I spent a great amount of energy learning from you what YOU want, what YOU value, what YOU want documented. So when it’s all done, your photos will represent all that you wanted out of your wedding day (and none of that crap that you really didn’t care about and only included because your mom made you do it and it’s the only way you can get her to stop trying to take over your wedding day).

In all seriousness, I am drawn to emotion, to family, to humor, to love, to in-between moments, and above all, to all that you value. Weddings are the greatest days of families’ lives and to be the keeper of those memories…well, it fills my heart with joy. Oh, and one more thing. I LOVE to answer questions about weddings and to help brides plan their day. The more neurotic you are with me, the more I fall in love with you.

Weddings with Bonnie start at $3150. Interested in working with Bonnie? Click here to contact us for more information!